Friday, October 30, 2015

Chicken Coop: Phase 2

Thursday we were adding Phase 2 to our chicken coop. Mr. Perky got up early and took down the entire entrance wall, framed up that side, added a door, then put up the chicken wire. This took several hours and the chicken run was completely open the entire time. Dudley-Did-Right and the girls had the opportunity to cross the open threshold and run free for the day. But, they weren't ready for that step yet. What were they thinking? What did they perceive was beyond that imaginary barrier? What stopped them from journeying into freedom?
Inside the run we added angled flashing, for some shade. Also it now will serve as a cover for the feed, feeder & water fount. Since the coop looks like a little house, I also added a lamp post in the yard.
Actually i am very excited about this phase of our prepping. While I still have several years of pressure canned meats, especially chicken in my prep storage, we now have them means to be self-sufficient with at least growing chickens as meat. Not taking that step yet, but we are prepared for expanding our flock if needed.
I will continue to use our stored meats and pressure can more. Having meats in the preps allows for the time to expand if the scenario changes. Depending on the time of year, we have enough prepped until we could expand our garden, our flock and just in case we have a bad crop for a year or two. In fact I have a shipment of Zaycon chicken coming November 10th.
Still more to do & more to share...

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