Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How To Make Dehydrated Okra Chips

Never in a million years would I have thought I was going to be trying to learn to like vegetables than were an anathema to my taste buds. But, I decided I am a grown up and it is time to start trying things I have always thought I didn't like. I was given some fresh okra and here is how to make dehydrate okra chips.
Vegetable chips are a great way to preserve your harvest through the winter months. Generally speaking most vegetables could be dehydrated in the same manner.
1. First I chose the medium to larger sized okra and sliced them in half length wise. If you will note: while you are beginning to slice the top off, you will feel some are harder to slice through (almost like sawing). I gave those a wide berth since I thought they would be too tough.


you will be able to tell which ones are tougher when you start slicing.

After slicing, I used about 1/4 cup of warmed up coconut oil and tossed that with the spices I decided to use. This time it was adobo and ground Cheyenne pepper. Adobo is a spice blend that I have used for years and use on practically everything. 

Laid the okra on the trays, cut side down and dehydrated them at 135 degrees, mine went for about 20 hours. But, the honest way to learn to dehydrate is just by dehydrating.  I kept them going until the largest one was crispy. For giggles I jut cut up a couple pods in slices to see it the furbabies would like them. They did.


Once they were done, I vacuum sealed them in a canning jar. These types of things are really easy to learn, if you just try.

Items I used today:


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  1. So cool to see this topic. Someone introduced me to dehydrated okra and Was I ever hooked. I have dehydrated so much okra. My daughter love to munch on it right out of the jar.

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