Thursday, June 20, 2013

Do you have a plan for when your sugar storage runs out?

I like to “store deep”: Meaning, I store what I am able and also have a back up plan to produce our own after the storage is depleted. I store four groups. Sugar, honey, syrups & seeds.
I initially stored about 10 lbs of brown sugar with our FoodSaver bags &
dry stored about 20 lbs of granulated sugar in PET containers. Store cool, dark & dry.
Recently I did 25 more lbs of granulated sugar with Mylar bags.

We have multiple forms of honey. From freeze dried (?) to raw in jars.
We also have some black strap molasses and maple syrup stored.

We plan to do more granulated sugar for reasons “other” than baking.
I researched various ways to grow sweeteners (sugar cane, sugar beets, etc) and settled on getting seeds to grow sorghum. Going to learn to to build a press and make our own sorghum (have the plans on white paper).
This will be for the situation of when the granulated sugar is no longer available. The plan was to start doing it this year, but with learning how to grow a garden, we moved that to next year. We are going to practice this process. But, we have the information available. Also, adding additional sorghum seeds soon.

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