Friday, July 1, 2016

Drawing a Line in the Sand

One of the basic skill preps for TEOTWAWKI is thinking through scenarios. 
It's a skill that I don't see discussed often. Too often people just read articles and don't actually prepare, or even worse IMHO there are Facebook pages and websites where the owners don't talk about if they even prep (pet peeve), let alone how they do it. That is why I actually share what I am doing or have done. I show you my successes and my failures, because we are able to learn from both.

Know your Neighbors
Frankly, it not a matter if you like your neighbors or not. You don't have to be best friends. But you need to understand who they are, their belief system.
Gather all the information you can. If a time comes when the SHTF, you will already have a great idea how to interact with your neighbors.
For me, I am supposed to love my neighbor and I take that seriously. The “Art of Neighboring” is an excellent book on just that. So my intention is to be able to love them. Again, I don't have to be best fiends with them.

Next you need to determine how much you are able to trust people. I keep this little diagram in my notebook of key players for our team. I know who is represented, including children and "moms" that will need to brought into the fold.
Sometimes you get lucky. One of the very first couple from church I met when we moved, turned out to be pretty much instantaneous trust. And it so happened they also prep. We have intentionally developed the relationship, even to the point where Mr. Perky and I have offered to sell them a couple acres on our farm. That is how much we trust them. Now granted, this is a very unique situation.

Threat Assessment
From conversions, it should fairly easy to assess threat levels. Admittedly the more you know the better you are able to assess this & be prepared.

Bring to the Table
I have a general idea of who would be on our team, either here on our property or in close proximity. Some know that we are part of an intentional team. We each know the various skill sets we all have and have a lot of strong needs met from two previous law enforcement backgrounds, two current law enforcement people, weapons expert including repair, farming experience, medical experience, military backgrounds, plus just good old fashioned wisdom and knowledge of how to do a wide range of skills.

We know who has what. Food, livestock, water access, wells, weapons, ammo, tangible trading assets, land, equipment and fuels.
The interesting thing for me is recognizing we have differences in prepping guidelines with some of our friends, but we can all still work together.

Either way, gathering and filing away the information will hopefully give us a leg up in TEOTWAWKI occurs. At least we have an idea of where to start as people make their way out to our property. Who we are able to trust, people who have similar commitment levels. This information prepares us to make an educated opinion and not leave everything to chance. Some of our most critical choices are being made now, as we prepare.

Last but not least, is do you know where you will draw the line in the sand? If you taken the time to evaluate where you are, what you need you can evaluate wisely as you interact with others after the fall. We absolutely are in agreement and know where we will draw the line.

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