Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil & Toothepaste

I am still beginning the journey learning about essential oils (eo). First thing I wanted to try was making DIY toothpaste.
I have held off mainly for two reasons: 1) I am very sensitive to scents, so I am starting with scents I know I am able to tolerate. 2) There is just so much to learn about the overall subject, that I want to take time and explore each individual oil.
I started with cinnamon bark essential oil. I purchased it to add to DIY toothpaste. I made it with equal parts baking soda & coconut oil, plus several drops of cinnamon bark essential oil. For me, it was strong, but I may have added too much. 
That being said, I have really limited my storage on how much actual toothpaste I am storing now. In fact I have several years worth of the baking soda, coconut oil and cinnamon essential oil already stored that I no longer really need to store toothpaste. Love that! Saving money.
With that being said, do you use cinnamon bark eo? What do you use it for (not what you have heard)? Did you find it effective for your intentions?

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  1. is the cinnamon bark oil just for taste or does it serve another purpose? haven't got into oils yet,

    1. Roben,
      It is just for taste and makes your mouth feel a little fresher. Any essential oil you like would be fine.
      In my opinion, it actually doesn't taste too bad without the essential oil.

    2. Roben,
      It is just for taste and makes your mouth feel a little fresher. Any essential oil you like would be fine.
      In my opinion, it actually doesn't taste too bad without the essential oil.

  2. When I was a kid we used colgate (I think it was colgate) powder. You put a little in your hand and wet your tooth brush and made a paste in the middle of your palm. When we would run out, I'd brush with a similar mix of baking soda and salt, for abrasive properties. Made a paste and brush. I wonder is there is a reason for the coconut oil?
    hmmm, might go back to that, but I do wonder what benefits I get from commercial toothpaste that I would miss long term (tooth decay, etc). hmmm.

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