Friday, January 3, 2014

Getting Started Step 1: Making a list & going beyond

I've always liked to have a “little put back”. Mostly because I hate to run out of something.
So, without even knowing about what “prepping” was, we made a plan. It was a very slow start, because we didn't have a clue.
Our first goal was to be prepared for 6 months here at home. I currently over a year worth of preps. I handle the “home” (food, medical, everyday items, etc.), DH handles the defense & the “go” plan.
I simply started by making a list of everything thing we used everyday. Literally, from the time I woke up I wrote down what we used...
Things like: water, meds. (prescription and OTC's), TP, eye glass cleaner, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, cotton swabs, moisturizer etc...
This is list “A”. We established that we would set aside 10% of each paycheck for prepping. Slowly, every payday, added to the “little put back”.
If I used one, I would buy two. This simple tip is so efficient. Since you are simply adding by what you use, each time you use it; it automatically increases your stores based on your usage. For these items I listed on “list A” I probably have three years worth of these items stored now.
I utilized Walmart & Amazon free online shipping. Order it and have it shipped to my home.
Now Part 2: Simply using this list, I worked at developing alternative back-ups that were more self sufficient. I am still working on that.
Water: Besides having about 6 months of actual water stored in the house, I also have rain barrels to replenish the water supply.
Meds. (prescription and OTC's): Medications are tough. I do what I can. I will note that often (not always) you are able to place your refill order about 10 days early. Utilizing this method will allow you to have some back stock on medications that you need.
TP: While I still keep adding to my toilet paper stores, I do have a back up plan ready. I consider t.p. a luxury that I would really like to have.
I have personal cleaning cloths already prepared. I took some old soft clothes and cut them up into squares. Light colored clothes is for cleaning after urination. Black colored clothes for use after a bowel movement. The black ones could be used by a woman during menstruation.
Each person would have their own set.
There would be two covered, lined pails. This would be a great place to use old plastics grocery bags, if you store them.
Treat the cloths as you would old fashioned diapers.
Eye Glass Cleaner: I kept my last empty bottle and added a tiny bit of vinegar. Now I clean my glasses with that.
Soap: I have about 4 years of soap in my stores. This year I will working on learning to make my own soap.
Shampoo: I no longer store actual shampoo. I now use only baking soda and water to wash my hair.
Conditioner: I no longer store conditioner. I now use apple cider vinegar and water to condition my hair.
For more details: No-Poo How To

I also have learned to make my own natural apple cider vinegar from scratch.

Toothpaste: I have about three years of toothpaste stored. Today I made mt first batch of toothpaste. I read several different recipes and decided to go with 3 T. Coconut Oil, 3 T. Baking soda, a little honey & Cinnamon  Bark Essential Oil to taste. I tried it out and it's not bad. I will give you more updates later.

Toothbrushes: Haven't figured out a back up for this one. I just keep adding toothbrushes to my stores.
Cotton swabs: Again, no back-up. So I keep adding to my supplies.
Moisturizer: I no longer use or store my fancy $17 moisturizer. I now use and store coconut oil. I use coconut oil for so many things.