Thursday, January 7, 2016

Intentional Prepping

Let's be honest here, some days I don't even want to get of my pajamas, let alone go out the door and do anything.
Often times we start out with massive, unattainable New Years resolutions. We give it a try and after the third day at the gym or trying to run two miles it becomes pretty overwhelming. Usually at that point you throw our hands up in the air and just give up.

But if you are able to set small, bite sized steps towards prepping that are attainable you will be more successful. 
Let's try just one example here. 
Newbie Prepper
What do you think a good newbie goal would be? 

Maybe it's just to start utilizing the principle of "use one, buy two". That is a very simple plan to start. 
How about getting your 72 hours emergency kit (food and water) reserve together?
Start with water. Simple. The minimum is a gallon a day for each person.
2 people, 3 days equals 6 gallons of water. Wait don't forget fur babies.
i bought those Deer Park 1 gallon bottles (they last a lot longer than the ones that come in the plastic milk carton style).

Food & Snacks
You could easily go with a pre-packaged 72 hours kit (some of these even include a backpack for portability) or you can assemble your own. Three meals a day, plus snacks for each person. Basically keep in mind stuff you can use without power, just in case. Canned food, power bars, hard candies. Don't forget to add a can opener or P-38 to your box.
Put it all together in one spot.

Pretty easy. Start with one step (water), then the next step (food). Each of these are really bite sized goals. Order online and have it delivered or specifically go to the store and knock out step one and two. 
Then progress to adding other essential items you may need.
Even the government encourages people to Basic Disaster Supply Kit, yet initially the whole list may be overwhelming. Just take the first, correct small step to get you started on your journey.
This year, let's be intentional about being prepared. 

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