Tuesday, December 3, 2013

“All Purple” Sweet Potato Ice Cream (from storage)

While this isn't “true” ice cream, it's a short cut type of dessert for us. Usually I make it from frozen blueberries.
So, my lovely purple sweet potatoes came from my dear friends at the farm. They participated in a program at Virginia StateUniversity that works with farmers, to show them how to be profitable with limited resources and using organic gardening practice. 
I used one pint of pressure canned purple sweet potatoes & pureed them in the blender with about 2/3 cups sugar.

I divided this into two zip lock baggies, since that is about the right amount for two people.
Threw the bags in the freezer.

Took it out later, and broke up the pieces & put the pieces back into the blender.
Added enough ½ & ½ to barely cover the pieces (this time I used heavy whipping cream that I have canned).

Blended until smooth.

Yummy! DH and I agreed, it had a very "interesting" taste. But, we both like it and agreed we would definitely like to make it again! SUCCESS!

For those of you who want more information on the added nutritional value of of sweet potatoes in general here is a link to "The World's Healthiest Foods"

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