Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meals for 12 in a box(es)...

“Meals in a Box” Storage
I tend to store things separately so I will have some flexibility when it comes to making meals later down the road. I don't want to be “boxed in”. 
But, when it is a meal I know we like I “box it in”. I will then store it “12 meals at a time”. The reasoning behind this came from a wonderful post “The Magic Number 12”  on Preparedness Pro's blog. After I hit the goal of one years food supplies stored for DH and me; I am now working on storing meals for 12 people. 
Basically when you have a specific meal you like, work towards buying enough for 12 meals (one meal, once a month for 12 months). Do that 30 times & you have one year of stored food. Simple, huh? Here is one example:
So, if this is one meal, I need to have 48 pints of chicken, 48 cans of coconut milk & 48 packs of the Thai peanut sauce, plus rice.= one meal, 12 times in a year. To expand that:

This is what it looks like on paper:12 (people preparing for) x 12 (once a month for 12 months) x 31 (one month) x 3 (meals a day) = one year of storage.
Note: Currently of the 12 people I am preparing for, 6 are children. When I am storing for the children, I am storing an adult portion for them. While they are young now, if something happens say in five years, they will be teenagers. I want to insure that I have enough to feed them at what ever age.
 I often store these meals in these banana boxes, good movable size for this gramma. I label and date the boxes. 
You may modify it, based on your goals. For example, when I got started I modified it to “6 meals” so I could attain my first goal of 6 months storage goal. Don't forget to add water to your storage as needed.
I will be slowly working on these boxes and will share more as I go along.

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