Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How To Store Coffee Beans

Coffee...the elixir of life for so many people. Storing coffee beans is critical for any caffeine addicted individual or possibly for bartering if you don't drink coffee. It is so simple to do...if you choose the right type. The secret is in the bag. I actually have somewhere around 300 pounds of coffee beans stored in my preps. That's correct 300 pounds! 
Just so you know, the "Perky" in my name actually came from me working at Starbucks. 
I was the "Perky Barista" for 9 1/2 years. So I know my coffee. Let's get started. First, storing coffee beans lasts longer than storing ground coffee. Personally, I would look for a vacuum sealed bag of beans for storage. Now not every likes Starbucks Coffee, I get that. What I like about storing Starbucks, besides the fact it was free for me, is that is has a patented "magic button" (just what I call it) which allows the bag to remain vacuum sealed, while releasing the carbon dioxide build-up. This is critical to the shelf life of the coffee. Like most storage items, oxygen is the enemy of coffee. Remember to store your coffee is a dark, cool, dry place.

Usually coffee beans have a best buy date of one year from the time of roasting. But I have used coffee from my storage that is at least 5 years old and it still tastes perfect.
If you can't find your brand already vacuum sealed, then you could probably vacuum seal the beans in canning jars. EDIT: I mentioned canning jars here, since it is sort of my go to for storage. Someone asked me about vacuum sealing in bags, That would be another good option. Though I would recommend using mylar bags to store, since the FoodSaver bags are still air permeable. In a long term storage situation I would opt for mylar.

To keep it simple, whenever you buy coffee, buy one or two more for your storage preps.

Next, you are going to need a coffee grinder to grind your beans with. Think, no electricity and go with a good hand grinder. You certainly don't want to resort to using a hammer to grind your beans. Plus, I would highly recommend a simple percolator, you know the old fashioned kind people used to use on the stove top or when camping. You could use a french press.  I think the old adage of "Two is one, one is none" is important to remember when adding to your equipment storage. I have multiples of all the equipment I would need to make coffee.

One last suggestion, if you have a bug out bag or get home bag, I also store Via(TM) and Starbucks Refreshers. Via isn't an instant coffee, but a finely ground, single serve coffee that you just add hot water to make a cup of coffee. Several people in our community have tried these products. If you look at the first picture in this article, you can see Via in the jar on the left. 
Just so you know, I make a KILLER Coffee Custard (<-- recipe) with the Via packets.
There you have it. Coffee is one thing that I definitely have a handle on in my storage preps. How about you?

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  1. Thanks perky as always you are spot on as I just saw a post about exploding coffee. I Store mine in vacuum sealed jars, as the kind my hubby likes does not come vacuum sealed. honestly not even sure how much I have as I'm waiting for my storage room to be complete so that I may organize. thanks so much for your post, hope you have a great day!

    1. Roben,
      Storage jars with vacuum sealing works...so far. :D

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