Friday, December 4, 2015

Prepper Stocking Stuffers 12 Under $ 11

Honestly buying gifts for Mr. Perky is not an easy task. But, things got a little easier when we started prepping. I thought I would throw together a list of just a few things we have purchased for stocking stuffers & not just for us but for others in the family like our grandchildren. Last year, I got Mr. Perky this Christmas Tactical Stocking
Actually it is pretty nifty with pockets and hooks to attach various items. I may ask for one myself this Christmas to carry around on my tractor.
I am also working with a young couple that are newbie preppers and they were considering some cost effective stocking stuffers for each other.  
Most all of these are practical gifts for your get home bag or bug out bag. 

There is only one item here that we haven't purchased and that would be the first item listed a portable collapsible cup, but I am adding it to my cart today. 



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